Commitment to Environment and it's Custodians

Memory Mountain  reflects the faith, culture and creativity of the local Aboriginal people.

Our Shared Commitment

Local Elders & Traditional Owners were consulted at length before the Cross was even designed. It is constructed of Corten steel, so it blends into the natural environment. Environmental protection has been – and will continue to be – at the forefront of all decision-making. 

 The Cross and access pathway have been designed and constructed to be sensitive to the aesthetic of the landscape, to minimise erosion, and to protect native flora. Everything we do on the Memory Mountain site is done with respect for the environment and for the wishes of the traditional owners of the land.

Our over-arching philosophy is to conserve, reduce, reuse and recycle. On-site amenities will run on solar power, occasionally supplemented by wind generated power. Grey water will be recycled for gardens. Native trees will be planted for shade. And in time, vegetables will be grown on site to help feed staff and visitors.

As far as possible, products and containers used on site will be recyclable. As care for our environment needs to be a shared responsibility, visitors will be asked to carry away as much rubbish as is practical. Rubbish left on site will be sorted into green waste, recyclables and non-recyclables. Green waste will be composted for fertiliser. Recyclables will be taken to the nearest recycling station. Non-recyclable rubbish will be disposed of carefully.

The Completed Cross

We ask that you do your part to ensure we are honouring the owners and custodians of this land and protecting the environment.