Getting There

Memory Mountain  reflects the faith, culture and creativity of the local Aboriginal people.

How To get To Memory Mountain

Memory Mountain – or ‘Kurrkalnga Puli’ in the local Luritja language – is nestled within the spectacular Far West MacDonnell Ranges, 230 kms west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. It is located in almost the exact geographical centre of mainland Australia. To the north is Ulampawarru (Mt Edward) and Anyali (Mt William), and to the south is the stunning Mereenie Bluff.

Memory Mountain overlooks the intersection of the Glen Helen-Papunya Road and the road to the Ikuntji community in Haasts Bluff. It’s a 3-hour drive from Alice Springs. There are two access routes to Memory Mountain. The first is via the Tanami Highway. The alternate route is directly west of Alice Springs on Namatjira Drive to Glen Helen on sealed road. From Glen Helen, you continue west for another 86 kms to Memory Mountain and the last 58 kms is unsealed road. 4WD vehicles are highly recommended, as the last stretch of unsealed road is pretty rough. The unsealed road can be impassable in heavy rain but has an amazing approach directly to Memory Mountain.

Please Note: You must have a permit to visit Memory Mountain, as it is on Aboriginal Land. Visitor permits can be obtained from Central Land Council and approval can take up to a week. To apply for your visitor permit, click here.