Group Booking - Memory Mountain Day Climb
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A beautiful wide open view of Memory Mountain and the stunning surrounding landscape.

Group Day Climb - 20+ people

Memory Mountain is the ultimate experience for a school trip, corporate training or teambuilding exercises, faith-based groups, or a gathering of friends. Group size must be 20 or more people. This is your opportunity to escape the norm and breathe in all that the West MacDonnell Ranges and the far western desert have to offer.

You will experience the rugged beauty of the West MacDonnell Ranges with a Memory Mountain Climb. The epic landscape will come to life all around you as you make your way to the summit of the mountain. It usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the summit – or longer if you like. There’s no need to rush. You can relax and take in the scenery as your lungs are filled with pristine air.

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