The Company

Memory Mountain  reflects the faith, culture and creativity of the local Aboriginal people.

The Company

Memory Mountain Limited was founded to provide benevolent relief to Indigenous Australians living in remote communities. It is often thought that our Indigenous people “own” huge tracts of land in Australia. 

While this may be technically true, “their land” is administered by various government bodies, so they do not enjoy the same rights over their land as most non-Indigenous Australians do over land they own. The fact is, while our Indigenous Australians appear to be “land rich”, they are in fact dirt poor.

Memory Mountain Limited seeks to bring support and relief to people living in remote Indigenous communities who are disadvantaged socially, economically and technologically. Our Board of Directors will always comprise a majority of Indigenous people.

We know that if our Indigenous people are given access to the same technologies and support services most other Australians enjoy, their creativity will empower them to succeed in a wide range of social enterprises. 

The profit from these social enterprises will then enable them to break free from the cycles of poverty and government dependence which have bound them for so long. Their innate connection to country will ensure they are always faithful custodians of their land and will ensure they proudly share their country, culture and traditions with visitors from far and wide.

Memory Mountain Limited provides support and relief to Indigenous Australians in various ways, including: