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Memory Mountain  reflects the faith, culture and creativity of the local Aboriginal people.

The experience of a lifetime

The Memory Mountain tourism site will soon be a wonderful place to visit. You will be able to connect with local Indigenous people – to listen, to learn, to be inspired, and to understand the connection between faith and one of the most ancient cultures on our planet. It is a site sure to create conversations, to draw people from near and far, and to bring hope, connection and true reconciliation.

Everything on the Memory Mountain site is done with respect for the environment and in keeping with the wishes of the traditional owners of the land.

The vision is 100% that of the local Indigenous people – their heart, their faith, their plan.

At present, Memory Mountain is still a construction site, but it is anticipated that it will be ready to receive day visitors by the middle of 2022. On behalf of the local Indigenous communities, Memory Mountain Limited has secured a lease over 490 hectares of land around the mountain. Eventually this land will be developed to include camping facilities and other amenities for visitors.
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